Wednesday, February 23, 2011

First Look at The Full Collection of Nigerian Label, Ariaba's Agate Purses

Ariaba have finally dropped the full collection of their Agate appliquéd purses in different color ways all in luxé croc, ostrich and snake skins. Remember I previewed it on here earlier and promised to bring back the full collection…this is me fulfilling that promise. 
 Ariaba bags are produced here in Nigeria and one can only marvel at the quality of the product when you think for a second that all of the production is done in a place where mediocrity used to be acceptable. 
One thing is certain, Nigerians now appreciate and support excellent products and can spot a mediocre one from a mile away. This is the first purse design to drop from their 2011 collection, more to come soon.

Contact: Ariaba Boutique @ STRANDS, 32 Musa Yaradua Street Victoria Island, Lagos.


  1. Very Interesting it.

  2. Yeah, very interesting. I hope those stones don't fall off. I'd love on of the red ones though hehe



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