Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Nigerian and Ghanaian Models Bring on Their Shoe Game at The Arise Fashion Week Casting in Lagos

Whenever you hear the words ‘Model Casting’ certain things are expected; tights, heels and skinny long legs. This past Saturday was the casting day for models who hope to be part of the Arise Fashion week in March. Models from neighboring Ghana also trooped in and the scenario was a mixture of the good, bad and fucking ugly.

But hey, it’s a free world and people are allowed to dream dreams without being judged. My roaming eyes got in a bit of the shoes on display and I thought to treat my readers to some visual delight. 

Look below for my score chart and the players who participated in the shoe game.



    i totally agree with ur A rating.

  2. i will take ugly over permanent body odor Plus a "fcking" utterly bad stained global reputation any day.


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