Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Street Style: Models @ Arise Fashion Week Casting Call in Lagos (Part 1)

Name: Faith C Morey

Nationality: Nigerian

Age: 23

Agency: Unsigned

What are you wearing? Top & Leggings by JC Penney, Jacket by Mango, Bag by Juicy Couture.

Name: Boma Akpore.

Nationality: Nigerian.

Age: 24.

Agency: Unsigned.

What are you wearing? Sheer Cardigan by Xzomoh couture.

Name: Yusuf Oyindamola Faidat

Nationality: Nigerian

Age: 18

Agency: Unsigned

What are you wearing? Bag by Marc B, Tank & Shoes by Delicious, High waist pants by H&M.

Name: Anifowose Seun

Nationality: Nigerian

Age: 20

Agency: Unsigned

What are you wearing? Shoes & trousers made by me under my label Ani.

Name: Claudia Adelu

Nationality: Nigerian

Age: 19

Agency: Isis

What are you wearing? -----


  1. awesome post.!
    i love the outfit of the first model,but her toenails put me off.. hunnie,get a pedicure or grab a nail polish. x_x
    i love the splash of colour on oyinda.. werk it,baby.!!
    others look okay..!!

  2. I'm impressed by the Ani, but not by all the name dropping. I really like those high pants. Anyway, a tank top, skinny jeans, and heels always works :D


  3. I love the shoes of the first girl and love the Yusuf chick's pant.

  4. So everybody and their daddy owns a label go guys!

  5. I love your blog! :) (I know it's irrelevant, but I've been a silent reader til now, forgive me)


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