Sunday, February 6, 2011

One Nigerian Boy Brings You The First Images of The New Ariaba Bags

Lagos based Footwear and Accessories label Ariaba, which I introduced you guys to, earlier have added a line of chic purses made with exotic leather and embellished with Agate cut roughly for effect (see bag featured) and also jade and amber for the others. The inner lining of the bag with the label embossed on leather, adds a touch of finesse to the product. The sleek finishing is evident and they…yup they – I’ve seen more of them, but I’m bringing you an image of only one now kmt- are more like pieces of art.
Creative director of the label, Linda Mesrob says that Ariaba bags are classy and depicts a sort of vibrancy and sexy energy of its owner.


  1. Hi Terence once again great post.:-)

    But I am left asking the same question. Where can these hand crafted delightful bags be purchased??

    Plese encourage the brands that you feature to work on their supply chain. Not every brand needs to open a store. Nigerian brands need to start making their products more accessible,(not just market style events) hence actually becoming a profitable business.

    "Push the product into the hands of your customers"

    "Love your blog-Keep up the hardwork."

    Ms Biosu

  2. The bags are available for purchase from our little boutique @ Strands 32 musa yaradua. Victoria Island lagos.

    Thank you for you comment x



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