Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Trendspotting at Music Talent Show The underground

In a world where image is crucial, we usually have music stars exemplify the ideal way to portray yourself fashionably. This trickles down to the fans of music who also take their style to new heights that are evidenced at music shows like The underground which happened on the 26th of dec in Lagos, Nigeria.
Love the not so discreet tattoo
The Underground is a music talent hunt gathering held monthly and now in its 3rd month. I was pole axed at the size of the crowd who turned out to listen to Nigeria’s next music stars and support the growing underground music scene in Nigeria. My raving eyes did not miss certain stylish details and elements of style in display and not only was I trend spotting, I was also cool hunting.
  I love the fact that loads of guys are getting into beads but I prefer them tinier, like the ones this dapper dude has got on.

Rings Porn!
Colored watches were the time telling medium of choice for many

Is it safe to say that girls don’t fancy tiny strap watches again?
Batik Print Shorts
At yet another event, a boatload of Toms, espadrilles and summer chic loafers show up, retailers TAKE NOTE
One of the acts of the night Sammy, I must confess he was my fav

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