Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Nigerian design Sensation Ejiro Amos Tafiri Serves up the 2010 Holiday Collection for Her Eponymous Label At LPM End of Year Fashion Show

  Very few Nigerian designers have perfected the art of working with jersey fabric like Ejiro Amos Tafiri. Her holiday 2010 collection was largely influenced by the ethereal beauty of Greek goddesses she claims to have a strong fascination for at the moment.

A few signature details like hand embellishment and beading are worthy of note and you can’t help but ignore that this collection serves up some sexy outfits especially the  revealing one (pictured above & below) which fuses lace and jersey with a slit reminiscent of the 90’s Shaba shaba provocative skirts.
  Fabrication for the collection had to be in sync with the idea and the whole inspiration. If you look back into the slutty days of the Greeks and in times where they had goddesses that served all their libidinal needs you would notice the silhouettes of clothes were formed by a lot of drapery. Hence the use of jersey and silk chiffon predominantly through the collection.

  I’m sure all of these designs are named after one Greek goddess, so best be sure to check with the designer first before you buy the one named , for instance ‘Aergia- the personification of laziness’ or ‘Algea- the personification of sorrow and grief’.
P.S: I have no idea what the dresses are called, I could bbm, the designer now at the time of this posting and ask, but my phone’s far away kmt!


  1. really sexy collection..there is something unique about each dress. love it


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