Monday, December 27, 2010

Nigerian Designer Wana Sambo's Cruise Collection 2010 Exhibition & Sale in Photos

Young designer Wana Sambo finally stepped back into the Nigerian fashion foray after a 2 year hiatus with a cruise 2010 collection that was exhibited and up for sale on the 19th of December at Lifehouse. The designer still stuck to the brands ethos of providing fashionable and accessible clothing that ranged from as low as ₦1,500 to ₦3,000 and peaking at ₦5,000.
 The collection was made up of fun clothes and the vibe remained very youthful. Fabric of choice was Ankara and interesting detailing that included sequins, buttons and stones were present. Best to call 08153131533 and place your orders on the few remaining pieces.
The designer is expected to release an a/w11 collection in March next year.
Wana Sambo & Nigerian Actress Rita Dominic
Fauzi Fahm, Opinion Former MD & the designer
Gabbie Budlin

Onyeka Anichebe

Model Chantelle serving up a super stylish outfit. From the safety pin earring to the hole on her raw edge tee, she’s dopeness.

Ify Pearl Chizea

Karen Young, MD Diamond inc.

Ono Bello, Stylist and Writer
Funke Babs Kufeji of Thisday Style

Lolu Popoola, Editor Mannequin Magazine
Stylist, Ugo Onukwubiri
Stylist & Designer, Datari Austin 
Sizzie & South African based Nigerian model, Kendra
Peter Nwachukwu

Dimeji Alara & I
Wana Sambo & Tobi Dj Sparrow


  1. I love that the pieces are actually affordable and wearable. I'm not a big fan of Ankara but the collection looks pretty decent.

    p.s those safety pin earrings are quite rad! Love 'em!

  2. Ahem...who is Fauzi Fahm?Odikwa very very hot someborri.

    Wana's pieces are cute and very wearable.Her price point is very decent and the whole #BuyNigeria thing makes sense here, cos her line caters to almost all levels of income and most people can actually afford it without robbing the bank..Loves it!Whoop!whoop

  3. Is the designer wearing a piece from her collection?

  4. Lol Chic Therapy, yh Fauzi's handsome, no doubt...yeah Wana's dress is a preview from her next collection.

    @LalaH #Cosign

  5. @the last picture......its obvious tobi doesnt want a kiss.....wana stop trying so hard :p

    @terence....guess you didnt get a good picture of me to put on this blog....

    @people....i was there,really great pieces

  6. This is too good! Very chic and affordable (esp for students :D) is it possible for people outside Lagos to see the collection and order?

  7. Lagos really needs a nightlife and fashion events online calender.I recently visited and it was impossible to know what was going on in the city without such a resource.

    Does Lagos have one?

  8. Kate, does a list every Friday of upcoming events.

    I can't find this Fauzi person and I like looking at fine someborrys(ies)...that Datari Austin guy is not difficult to look at either.

  9. I just want it to be known that cutting a hole in your shirt shouldn't constitute dopeness. Let's face it...for that type of event (and she wore that to another red carpet event, not sure if it was the same day) she looked straight tacky and her dressing shouldn't be encouraged.


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