Friday, August 6, 2010

Fashion Camp (FC) Final Day

Remember I told you guys earlier in the day bouts my lecture at fashion camp. To be honest I was a bit unsure of how I would perform as a lecturer but luckily for me the environment was cozy and it turned out to be more of a discussion than a lecture per se.

The always adorable Arieta Mujay (above) and Biki John (below) who are both London based stylists set up the camp to educate and motivate young fashion talents in the country and I commend their efforts for trying to give back to their country and building the fashion industry here.

Fashion Blogger Ire (Voguish) and I. Below are some of the other participants from the seminar.

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  1. you looked great as usual!!!I have a similar cardy

  2. Glad it went well !

    Did you find yourself any groupie ? Did you have the teacher's glow around you ?

    Just being silly. The entreprise is indeed to be praised.


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