Friday, August 6, 2010

My Favorite Thing(s)- Kumkang Document Bag

I copped this cool document bag a few weeks back at some vintage market in central Lagos and my love for it is still fresh. It accompanies me mostly to French School and meetings with designers, stockists…

oh well, the life of a stylist :o) Need to get off now and prepare for a lecture I would be giving later today as well as a presentation at the office. Au revoir.

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  1. Vintage store in Central Lagos? Name and location, PLEASE. I live for vintage and finding vintage in Lagos hasn't been easy at all. Also, it would be really nice if you could blog about your favourite places to shop in Lagos, especially some of your hidden treasures. Your style is definitely something to write home about and I have a lot to learn. Hope you'll share!


  2. loool, ur gonna have to email me for specific details :o)

  3. oh love it!! so vintage. i bet the texture of the leather is awesome.

  4. I am sending an email right now as I would be in Lagos in a bit.

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