Sunday, February 13, 2011

Sneak Peek at The Pearl Briefcase from the New Limited Edition Jidz Bag Collection

Nigerian designer Juliet David West is at it again with a new limited edition collection for her bag label, Jidz. The first piece to drop from the line exclusively for One Nigerian Boy and its fashionable audience is the Pearl Briefcase in all its quilted glory. 

My high points of this briefcase are:

Color: Orange is so in, this year globally. Its youthful, vibrant and energetic.

Fabrication: Fusion of leather and a contrasting flowery fabric –looks like damask, not sure- adds a certain joie de vivre vibe.

Shape: Box bags are good to go any day.

Detailing: Quilts are always a visual delight. I’d buy this briefcase if it was bigger.



Tel: +2347062279484, +2348039318166, +447879985660


  1. lavv eet!
    did a post on her previous collection on my blog
    she's a brilliant designer!

  2. It's actually beautiful, I love!

  3. Lovely... lurvvvv d sides!

  4. Absolutely love this, especially the flower print. Looks vintage..


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