Monday, February 14, 2011

Get Up Close with Nigerian Footwear and Accessories Label Qamin

Anwuli Mordi-Anenih is the Creative Director of QAMIN. She initially studied Business Administration, BA (Hons.) at the University of Kent, Canterbury (2001) and went on to work for in various capacities for several of the world’s most respected luxury fashion brands, Cartier & Gucci included. 

While at Cartier, she was accepted at the London College of Fashion where she gained grounding in Fashion Studies, she then went on to study the art of Shoe Making in 2004 when she was appointed Head Designer at Anyi Mordi Shoes – A luxury footwear label launched by siblings, Anyi, Chuka, & Anwuli. 

Whilst in this position, she travelled round Italy extensively and worked with artisans at factories which offered the best hand-made. Anwuli moved to Nigeria in 2006 and following her passion, decided to create her own Footwear & Fashion Accessories line. She has since been working on her collections for QAMIN.
I stumbled upon Qamin sometime late last year at Zebra Living boutique on Victoria island, Lagos and I was blown away by the beautiful handcrafted shoes and accessories that bore both culture and heritage in its nucleus whilst remaining modern.
 Most of us know that the quality of certain bench made products in Nigeria are not always of the best standards but when bring together a trained and experienced designer and skilled artisans to create something, it ends up worth treasuring.

The footwear and accessories once again demonstrate the versatility of the Aso-oke fabric -which is quintessentially Nigerian- and it shows it can be used for just about anything and rival denim. Who knows maybe in a few years from now, if we can all value the fabric and proudly wear it…who knows just how influential the fabric might be, we’ve seen what happened with batik prints.

Zebra Boutique, Lagos, 33 Sinari Daranijo Street, Victoria Island.


  1. i love the shoes.!!
    amazing.. amazing.. amazing..!!

  2. They are beautiful, especially the pink/orange ones.
    strut mode

  3. Beautiful shoes and very nice concept.

  4. I have the pink and orange ones! I must say i get compliments everytime i wear them. :))


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