Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Nigerian Label LDA (Lanre da Silva Ajayi) Dazzles at the FAB Magazine/Vlisco Show

  Designer Lanre Da-Silva Ajayi’s collection for Vlisco under her Label LDA was the last to show at the recent FAB Magazine night out. Indeed it made a lasting impression on me as hitherto I was not exactly impressed by LDA designs but being backstage and seeing the clothes up close made me appreciate the designer’s aesthetics a lot more.
  The eye for detail in LDA collections is always impressive and there’s always the signature layering of lace over the batik prints or whatever other fabric the designer employs. The lace over batik trend is gaining momentum and LDA can be credited for starting and driving the trend.
  Vlisco, following trends and producing lace fabric
This collection was perfect in a lot more ways than it was imperfect. I found the fusion of the different Vlisco fabrics and their layering, tastefully done. Sometimes contrasting and other times matching. The use of embellishments on the Vlisco lace had a stunning effect. Excellent finishing, craftsmanship and heritage are what customers want to see if they are going to pay a lot for an outfit.

  A closer look at the detailing on the lace
 The label has already started to build up its heritage and is not shy of showing anyone who cares to notice the capacity of the craftsmanship it possesses.
  Accessories for effect

  Fabric story

  I’m still trying to figure out how this lace fused with batik print was achieved

What are your views about the collection? Feel free to use the comment box, I want to hear from my esteemed readers.


  1. Is this the same one that was shown late summer/early fall?

  2. Nah....this if for another bunch of Vlisco fabrics. The one done around summer was in abuja, featuring mostly designers based in the northern part of the country.

  3. Fell in love with LDA when i saw her spread in True Love years ago (i think it was shot in Kings College, Lagos). She can do know wrong in my eyes

  4. Cant see much of if from these pictures, but this collection looks great as always!Love the lace


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