Monday, October 4, 2010

Q&A: Kem Kem Studio

Your intended customer:

-How old He/She is?

Between 18yrs-65yrs she could be a student, a wife, a mom or a grand mom.

-To what goals does he or she aspire?

Kem kem Studio customer is a global traveler; she is inspired by her experiences and very proud of her heritage. She is a woman that is fun, playful and as a personal relationship with her clothes. They show are in her true light showcasing her different moods.

-How much does He/she earn?

She/he doesn't worry about money but yet makes wise decisions when shopping.

-Where does he/she shop?

She/he shops at high-end boutiques as well as the corner thrift shops.

-What does she already wear?

He/ She wear clothes that are eccentric yet contemporary.

-What is she not being offered?

She/he is looking for clothes that are about being comfortable yet not lacking in creativity and style.

-How do you intend to meet these wants?

My goal is to give her various options that fit her lifestyle and spirit.

Kem Kem Studio Muse pictured at LPM September above in a dress from the new Kem Kem Studio for Temple Muse Collection. The designer behind the brand Kemmy Solomon pictured at the bottom.

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  1. lovely interview.
    that green dress is uber-fabulous.


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