Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Mannequin Magazine (Get Familiar)

Mannequin Magazine, the novel editorial fashion magazine for women has hit the streets of Lagos bringing with it an edge one of style, fashion and Entertainment. With its slogan – ‘Dream it. Change It. Work It’, Mannequin believes in the empowerment and perfection of women with fashion being a major part. The

magazine’s intention is to guide readers accordingly, updating them with the latest spheres a woman wears but how they are worn, how she carries herself and how she lives.

The first, “Nouveau” issue features Miss Nigeria, Cynthia Omorodion, Studio 53 Extra’s Eku Edewor and female rap artist Mo'Cheddah on the cover. The official launch is billed to take place on the October 10, 2010, (10.10.10) at Zamunda.

One Nigerian Boy Speaks to the Publisher Didi and Editor in chief Lolu.

Your intended reader:

-How old he/she is?

Didi: 25

Lolu: 25

-To what goals does he or she aspire?

Didi: She aspires to be the best at whatever she does

Lolu: She wants to rule and own her world & look d part in d process she wants to be everywoman 'a modern day woman', she craves success in every aspect of her life & she's determined.

-How much does she earn?

Didi: How much she earns doesn't stop her from wanting what she wants.

Lolu: I agree with Didi.

-What other magazines does he/she already subscribe to/read?

Didi: she already reads Elle, Glamour and or Vogue.

Lolu: She'd already be an Elle reader.

-What is she not being offered?

Didi: Fashion in its truest sense in Nigeria. Not diluted with lifestyle or entertainment. Just fashion.....

Lolu: At the moment, she's been offered 'clich├ęd' advice on how to live her life and what to wear.

-How do you intend to meet these wants?

Didi: Mannequin is gloriously simple and sophisticated, the message and the vision is obvious from d beginning to the end. We offer our belief in dreams, achievement and looking good the way no other magazine has yet. We're not forceful and we don’t give advice but we're a strong influence.

Lolu: At Mannequin we offer high fashion for fashion forward women, we give strong opinions, and true experience. We believe in our readers n feed their dreams, we let them know that it’s okay to want the best things in life through captivating visuals, witty & opinionated articles, through d realism of what's going on in d fashion industry, through interviews, through our photo shoot editorials.

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  1. wow.. the cover is so beautiful.
    cant wait to buy my copy.


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