Saturday, March 20, 2010

DA VIVA African Prints New Collection

Da Viva just released its new collection featuring beautiful African prints and photography. With shops in Nigeria, Ghana, Togo, and Ivory Coast and soon to open in Senegal and Benin, the brand is growing in publicity and matching it with distribution.

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  1. These are gorgeous!! Hope u are having a good wknd! xx

  2. Your blog is incredible. the photos and layout just excellent. I would like to attend all shows and exhibitions on Afro designs and fashion. I noticed fabrics from Ghana, Togo, Ivory coast and Benin are collected by Woodin for example but nothing from Cameroon is ever showcased. Besides most of this shows go without an active central African presence. How can we bring this part of Africa to the race.

  3. the photos r cute cos i like da viva and i luv selling them

  4. Fab site Terence. Rlly enjoy. Are you still posting? Most recent post that I see is from August. Anyhoo, thanks for the proper mix of fashion and culture. I've signed up to follow you on Twitter, as well. Am hoping you're still doing this blog, though. Anyhoo, I've got a blog called Based in the U.S. NY. Ck it out if you get a chance. And, if you're interested in submitting a post, let me know. Am working to build a community of voices. Thanks again! Cheers!


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