Saturday, March 20, 2010

Bold & Beautiful Fashion Workshop, Lagos

I dropped by to catch the last day of lectures at the Bold & Beautiful fashion & style workshop yesterday at Oceanview restaurant expo center. I was really impressed with the amount of knowledge and mentoring that was going on. The workshop was divided into 5 categories which included: Styling, Photography, Design, Make-up & modeling and were handled by industry professionals from mostly London.

The likes of Adebayo Jones, Yoanna Okwesa of Purple Pepper Clothing and Ugoma Ebilah of Zebra lectured at the 2 day workshop which would be wrapped up today with a grand ball at Le Meridien Eko Hotel’s ball room.

Paula Okunzuwa, Top model of color 2009 winner and i


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  1. Terrence...Great shots... You look so cool in your picture! I found the Air Hostess uniforms on Google images and searched vintage airline pics from Southwest Airlines, United, etc. Mostly US Domestic.

    Have a great weekend xoxo Tracy

  2. wow, the make up looks absolutely fantastic. A piece of art

  3. Awesome pics, darling!
    What fun!


  4. Gorgeous pictures!! Love the make up!!!


  5. Oh, the first two pictures are stunning...I just love the makeup!! :)

  6. The first picture is absolutely stunning!

  7. Nice pics......but damn u look more feminine than


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