Thursday, March 18, 2010

GQ UK Interviews Nigerian UK #1 Rapper Tinnie Tempah

British rapper Patrick Okogwu a.k.a Tinnie Tempah born to Nigerian parents speaks to GQ about his current success and what it’s like to have a #1 UK charts song.

What's been your best recent cultural experience?
"The Chris Ofili exhibition is fantastic. He's incredible. Obviously because he's from a Nigerian background and I am as well, it was inspiring. I got the opportunity to preview it quite early on as I'm supposed to write a little lyric about it." Read the interview Here.


  1. I've never heard of him before; though I love his looks - very dapper and old school. Off to read the interview right now!! :)

  2. How fabulous!
    Will have to check him out on iTunes!


  3. The first time I heard Pass Out, I had to stop what I was doing (smoking shisha!!! LOL). Its an awesome track!

  4. His song is definitely addictive. Cool guy!

  5. cool dude! nd top swagger styll!


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