Friday, December 10, 2010

Mai Atafo's first Designs using Batik Prints at The FAB Magazine X Vlisco Night Out

  Brand of the year award winner at the FAB magazine & Vlisco night out, Mai Atafo took a bold step forward and for the first time designed an entire collection with batik prints. He wisely fused lace and added other interesting details like sequins, stones and beads. The new trend of fusing lace with batik prints in loads of interesting ways is quite refreshing.
  Interesting sequin and stone details he hand stitched himself.
The designer however confessed that he doesn’t fancy working with batik/Ankara prints but he still managed to pull off a decent collection.

A closer look at the Vlisco prints

  Adore the lace layered over batik print detail

  The leaf design seen here showed up first in Obsidian’s Control collection followed by new label Onyx and Pearl in their debut collection. Mai’s execution is the scantiest of the 3 and has this arty feel to it.

Mai Atafo


  1. oooh,i love that leaf design dress

  2. Too much print is not Fashion according to Joan Rivers of E's Fashion Police. I admire ethnic women in all the various designs and fabrics they feel very proud to buy. I mean even in Cameroon lace fabric and Jele head gear from Nigeria is still making waves and it is a must see at formal and casual events. Somehow modern African designers are reducing the amount of print they use in their designs. It is bolder more sophisticated and well I hate to use the word 'sexy' so permit me say more appealing. Eventually the rest of Africa and even white people will yearn to wear these designs as they are truly unique and fresher.


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