Friday, December 3, 2010

Kiki Couture Fashion Show, Part 2

Ankara collection
No need to introduce the label, for info on the designer and the label see Part 1 of this series. The African collection featured a fusion of denim and batik prints giving a modern vibe to the use of African print.
  Interesting Point(s)
·         Embellishments on the sleeve of the mono strap jumpsuit.
·         Embellishments on the corset part of the jumpsuit last pictured in the African collection.
·         Fusion of fabrics was executed beautifully.

Dull Point(s)
·         Some of the batik prints used was not as vibrant as I would’ve loved.

Contemporary Collection

The contemporary collection saw the designer use more feminine and colorful fabrics even though black was the predominant color. One word that kept popping into my mind whilst I was seeing the looks was ‘Socialite’.

 Interesting Point(s)
·         Presence of color added a romantic feel.
·         The clothes were draped beautifully.
Dull Point(s)
·         None that I can think of.

    Not a bad showing for a new label, but if you want to survive the strong competition in the Nigerian fashion industry as a new label, you got to work a lot harder.

     Kiki Couture
    62b, Opebi Road
    Ikeja, Lagos.
    Tel: 07082167355


    1. love this a fellow nigerian its great to see all these fashion designers going for it and doing it well
      nice blog :)
      x x

    2. Nice collection1 I like the one hand jumpsuit and the gold dress.

      Nice post!

    3. The gold dress is beautiful. Kiki Couture is definitely one of my favorite designers.


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