Sunday, November 7, 2010

Q&A: Eki Orleans

The Eki Orleans philosophy is about fusing vibrant prints with the delicate texture of silk. The designer, Hazel Aggrey-Orleans, whose inspiration is traditional West African patterns, creates her own interpretation of these cultural and intricate patterns. Like many upcoming designers, she is self-taught. The concept of the line began with a collection of scarves that combined different fabrics from India and Africa. After perfecting her technique of combining cultural prints, Hazel ventured out into designing her own garments that embody the uniqueness of her concept and collection. This is what makes Eki Orleans truly distinctive.

Your intended customer:

-How old she is?
- An Eki Girl can be simply anyone who wants to feel feminine and stand out in a crowd. There are no age restrictions. 

-To what goals does she aspire?

- Her goals are like any other lady wanting to succeed in her career and finding enough time for family. She can be quite a laid back casual girl but when she does make the effort to look good, she wants all eyes on her. 

-How much does she earn?

- She can earn anything. She could be a lady who doesn't blink at the cost of an Eki Orleans dress and buys several or she could be an average earner who saves up for that one special purchase knowing the attention she will get from wearing it.

-Where does she shop?

- She shops in smaller more exclusive boutiques hoping to find that one dress, which is different.

-What does she already wear?

- She doesn't necessarily always go for known brands. She could purchase a very eclectic skirt on portobello market and match it up with a DVF blouse. She is confident within her own style and doesn't need to follow trends. She is a trendsetter herself. 

-What is she not being offered?

- She is not being offered unique, stunning, one of a kind prints.

-How do you intend to meet these wants?

- Yes, there are the likes of Etro, Missoni and DVF who design their own beautiful signature prints but we offer our own Eki Orleans prints with an African influence. Try combining the beautiful and intricate West African prints with the gorgeous soft textures of silk = Eki Orleans.

Images via Temple Muse


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