Thursday, November 11, 2010

House of Makeda Gunmetal Collection 2010

Teni is a renaissance woman, afro jazz singer and artistic director of the iconic African fashion outfit, House of Makeda.... A unique afrocentric movement of sound and style. Her most recent collection titled ‘Gunmetal Grey’ sees her use a lot of beading and stones in detailing the fabrics that ranged from cotton to tulle and aso-oke. The shapes of the pieces were evocative of a strong confident women and the aptly refers to the model in the lookbook images as the black Marylyn.

Nothing gets me more excited than getting up close an personal with designers collections in studio where I can get to sniff and see all the lil details look book cannot show, I also love to bring my readers some close up shots of these cool details can determine whether an outfit is bland or glam.

The Lounge

Address:7, Manuwa st, off Keffi st, S.W Ikoyi, Lagos, Nigeria.
00234-702 810 1983


  1. Good job but what is with the cigarette in that pic?

  2. I love the short gowns and footwear

  3. Cute dresses..

    Nigerians are becoming more fearless and edgy in ads o...(per the cigarette)

  4. Really nice collection and I see you Ulo :)


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