Saturday, November 27, 2010

One Nigerian Boy Speaks to Coal and Terry Vintage

 Coal and Terry Vintage is a husband (Damilare Jimoh ) and wife (Azeezat Owokoniran-Jimoh) run company based in Chicago that sells Vintage fashion. Before COAL N TERRY VINTAGE they both received first degrees in nursing and accounting respectively. Despite their degrees they knew they wanted to build our very own Vintage fashion Empire. Years down the line they have fulfilled that dream and now sell some of the nicest vintage dresses for women.One Nigerian Boy gets an exclusive chat with the Nigerian vintage empire owners.
Notice Me  Vintage Dress $104.00

What made you guys start Coal and Terry?
We love everything vintage from Vintage furnitures to vintage clothing. I (Azeezat) started collecting vintage peices because I would go to my local vintage Boutique/antique stores and see peices that weren't my size but I never could leave without a purchase because I knew someone out there wouldl cherish it the way I do.
What year did you guys launch Coal and Terry?
COAL N TERRY was first an Ebay auction store that we started late 2008 and we decided to be on our own. So COAL N TERRY VINTAGE.COM came alive this year 2010.
How do you guys source vintage items?
We travel all around the country (United States) looking for unique vintage boutiques/antique stores with unique and timeless pieces that are in good to excellent condition.

What particular designs or fabrics are the biggest sellers?
Sequin beaded dresses are our #1 sellers, sometimes we get special personal shopping requests by buyers just for these pieces.
How old are some of your oldest pieces?
 The oldest we've ever carried was about 50yrs old but we typically carry pieces from the 60's-90's.

Apart from your online store, are there any physical stores for coal and Terry?
Currently COAL N TERRY VINTAGE is strictly online based but we do home visits just for Chicago and Northwest Indiana clients. Still working on Physical stores/interested retailers.

Where do you guys see Coal and Terry in the next 5 years?

In 5 years we hope to have several stores in major cities in the United States and of course other countries.

Lady Tuxedo dress $55.00

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