Tuesday, November 30, 2010

DFL (Design for love) African Inspired Vintage Purses

DFL is an African fashion label owned by Nigerian designer Olawunmi Funbi-Olufeko. It was launched in 2005 and started its vintage purse production this year. DFL purses are made entirely in Nigeria with the exception of the frames that is sourced from abroad. 

The fabrication range consists of batik prints, raw silk and vintage aso-oke that are over 30 years old.  
I Adore the wooden details

1. The clever combination of these fabrics and detailing that include buttons
2. The use of both metal and wooden frames 

Add to the beauty and character in these items. I think it’s a decent and laudable effort from the label, there’s always room for improvement and variety.
A closer look at the inner lining

  The starting price for each bag is ₦5,000 and you can make special orders for aso-ebi (traditional Nigerian uniforms for events) in fabrics like damask or lace.
  Vintage frames sourced from outside the country.

  Vintage Aso-Oke fabric

  Hand sewn embellishment

Bits of the production process

The designer, Olawunmi Funbi-Olufeko

DFL (Design for Love)
5, University road Yaba, Lagos.
Tel: +234-8029018185
Email: wunmi@yahoo.com


  1. gud job!terence, really appreciate the level of professionalism u put into your work.hope this would be the beginning of future alliances

  2. Wunmi,
    The bags are lovely. I think might be placing my orders very soon! Great job woman!


  3. wow these are lovely good stuff coming out of africa


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