Friday, October 15, 2010

International Style Week Lagos: Day 1

The international style week Lagos finally kicked off yesterday and 3 new designers showcased their work. Eunice Dawudo of Ginani –pictured above and below- had by far the most interesting designs of the night. Not that they were extra spectacular but after seeing 2 other designers put up bland collections you marvel at something decent.

De Image- Some of the clothes were theatric but that was the only thing about them, nothing else was inspiring. Looks like a label that could put up something worthy in the future.

Zhukki Fashion- …………………that’s all!

Makeup and hair backstage

Models loving the Cam backstage.

Oh I loved these shoes and thought to share.


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  1. I think we need to encourage new designers. They still have a long way to go but at least they took the first step.

    Terrence, quite a few of the pictures are dark and render it almost unseeable. You may want to consider the quality of pictures you put up. This could enhance your blog traffic.

  2. love the collections..
    love the shoes too.. love how she paired it with the blazers.. so dope.!

  3. I agree with you...quite blah.There is potential tho, they just have to push!

  4. how can i find out more about this?

  5. I have to say you're a diligent and patient man to sit through all of this. It's not that there's no potential in these people, there is. But I can't differentiate between anyone's anything except the all blue native-ish collection which was the least inchoate to me.

    I think the issue is letting go of the creativity inhibitions in the Nigerian societal fabric. People need to understand that it's okay to do them and not JBL or Dakova. Really.

    I'm also glad you're covering all of this. It's important to see how things are going for the anon designers back at home.


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