Monday, July 12, 2010

Tae Unveils Omoge Event @ Terra Kulture

The new collection from Nigerian Label Tae was presented alongside some old pieces which were marked down for sale at the gallery of Terra Kulture in Lagos yesterday. The pieces featured loads of bedazzling with beads, pearls and sequins. My favorite aesthetic detail was pin tucking. This was the major aesthetic for the new collection and the crafting was creatively executed.

The designer and I (above) and Mariam Morsi -one of Nigeria's most reputable Fashion publicist- and I (below)

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  1. ok!!am not even going to lie, i am a bit disappointed with the collection.I usually love Tae:-(

    Maybe it's the way the clothes were fitted on the mannequins or something

  2. Just looking at her previous collections, she has had better showings than this collection, still don't doubt her creative prowess tho :-)

  3. that shirt of yours eh? hmmm

    like the hausa cap!


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