Sunday, July 18, 2010


I was featured in Elan’s Uncovered Style Section. Photography by Abraham Oghobase

Describe your personal style...

My style is a mix of different things. There's not one way to dress, so I like to keep things eclectic with a tribal touch.

What is your most prized possession?

The gift of Life, without it all else amounts to nothing.

Facts on interesting pieces you have on today and where they are from...

My double breasted blazers and trousers are bespoke by a Nigerian Label Clemas. We all know that ‘Bespoke' is the pot of gold at the top of the sartorial ladder.

If you could raid anybody's closet whose would it be and why?

Michael Jackson. It's funny I say this because I only started to look at his clothing from a style angle after his death. He had a great sense of style and rocked most things long before they became trendy.

What are 5 Items you really like and why?

Most of the items I like a lot I got for little (thrift a.k.a bend down select) or were gifted to me.

- My Sperry Topsider Deck shoes: I spotted them hanging at Ajah garage and I sure did not dull myself.

- My small frame bag: I copped this recently from a roadside seller. Its sturdy leather and I like the fact that the seller tried to match another leather strap to it with a slightly lighter shade of brown. Its adds character to it.

- My LV briefcase: it originally belonged to my friend's dad and is over a decade old but it was always idle in his wardrobe at Uni so I saved it from obscurity.

-My Bracelets: They were all bought separately from places like Freetown, Sierra Leone to Oniru Beach and Lagos Island.

-My Espadrilles: if I could choose only one kind of footwear to wear the rest of my life, it would be Espadrilles.

What is your favourite vacation spot and any interesting memories from there?

My favourite vacation spot would defintely be my hometown Okpoama in Bayelsa state. It's a cluster of islands 2 hours away from the state capital and only accessible by water or air. Whatever means you choose to get there, you are treated to the beautiful plains of the rainforests and its wildlife. My

favourite memories include walking the beaches, snail picking, helping returning fisherman haul their catch and being gifted fishes.

Who is your favourite fashion designer?

I don't have a particular favourite designer but rather a group of designers of Asian descent which include the South Korean trio of Juun J, Wooyoungmi and Songzio and Asian Americans Richard Chai and Alexander Wang.

Your "cannot do without" item or piece of clothing is...

My blackberry.


  1. Not shockin that Terence is in the spotlight. He's unique. And he has a wonderful sis!


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