Thursday, July 29, 2010

The Contemporary African Fashion Shopping Guide 2010

There is a buzz around African fashion, with magazines and blogs such like yours reporting on emerging trends and designers. This trend has now transferred to the high street, with shoppers looking for wearable contemporary African fashion.

Catch a Vibe a black culture magazine responded to this trend by creating the first Contemporary African Fashion Guide, which lists 13 British and American independent designers selling in boutiques, online or in fashion markets.

Click to Download.


  1. Dope ! Thanks mate !

    Was just trying to learn more in that area.

    PS : have you seen you MENTAL menswear for next S/S ? I got a look on Fashion Bomb's blog and it is dope !

  2. hot Africa.. :) great blog! :)

  3. I find your blogs very interesting, I have been reading them for quite a while. I am based in Abuja right now and I am trying to start my own line.

    Check me out at


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