Saturday, March 19, 2011

One Nigerian Boy in Accra Part 2- Labadi Beach Chilling, Shopping & more Shopping

I had to take a break from my Accra trip posting to bring you guys all the delights from the Arise Magazine fashion week, so now that that’s done with, here’s the second part of my Accra trip which starts with my Labadi Beach trip on Ghana’s independence day and frantic shopping for leather goods –my new kryptonite- on the day we were leaving Accra.

I was screaming at my sis to hit the cam shutter, lols

Blogger Allen (above) my sis Wana (below)
 See Images from my shopping expedition on Oxford street, Osu with my sister after the jump.

My new document bag, moment I saw this I knew I had to have it. It’s from their arts and crafts market but it’s used, so the toxic local leather smell is not as intense lol. And oh I don’t know how it got those beautiful stains on it but that only adds character to the bag.

Finally found a chic leather holder for my notepad. I like to scribble on paper and this would help me in hauling my notepads in sartorial splendor.

The moment I saw this bag I knew my friend Onyinye had to have em, so I bought it for her. 

Ooouuu my leather rucksack! Sure most of you would’ve seen me rock it during the Arise Magazine fashion week. I ♥ ♥ ♥ it.
This is Ali the leather goods man on Oxford Street, Osu. Def going back to visit him the next time I’m in Accra.

This guy’s name is kinky Rasta or something can’t remember but he made me these cool bracelets with my name on it.

I can’t remember this young enterprising fellows name either but he had d coolest gold and brass bangles that my sis happily indulged and ended up paying more than their worth just cos the guy was bubbly. Sadly all the golden ones got stolen at the Accra airport on our way back, shame :o(

My sis did some art shopping as well…


  1. wow amazing what u can find on the street huh terence? i want that rucksack!

  2. men..i like this oxford street o!Lovely find

  3. love it, definitely going to visit :) how much did you spend?

  4. u guys are balling oh!

  5. Those leather goods look tempting, i'm def gonna contact for d coool places to shop in accra when i visit

  6. I want dat Rucksack!!!!! first time on here...ur blog is Dope Mr Terence

  7. Abi! I like the Oxford street too oh! Especially that leather bags store


  8. Great pictures. I love how everyone has a hustle...beautiful.

  9. You so cute Terence ,I'm love struck.
    And ur sis is just got the right vacation attitude look at her relaxing like she's in rio meanwhile na Ghana,she even bought art like those rich Italians/
    Love u guys!

  10. wow is that okford street a cool vintage leather ag shop. i want


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