Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Nigerian Fashion Label iamisigo introduces its 'Le Poseur' Collection at the Project Red Charity Fashion Show

New Nigerian Label, iamISIGO by designer Bubu Ogisi showed a bohochic collection at the recent Project Red HIV charity initiative. Red was the dominant color in the collection and the shapes where very modern. 

I liked the hooded dress, and other details in the collection I fancied include billowy shapes, drapery and strong shoulders enforced with pads.
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Designer Bubu Ogisi


  1. iamISIGO kicks ass!! love!!

  2. lovely pieces!!

    What does the duct tape represent though?

  3. Below par.... unfortunately.

    Is she a Stylist or a Designer? All i see is "the trend". Turbans etc.

    What's the significance of the duct tape? :s

    I heart Bubu Ogisi but this is looks like a Collectibles collection.

  4. The duct tape made me sad, all i could think of was female oppression..hit and miss i'm afraid

  5. lurv it!
    how much are they or!


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