Sunday, March 13, 2011

MAKI OH Fall/Winter 2011 Collection Displays Excellent Craftmanship and Heritage at The Arise Magazine Fashion Week in Lagos

The days of top African Fashion designers putting out mediocre designs are long gone, most especially the designers from the western and southern regions of the continent. Maki Oh fall winter 2011 collection in one word….errr honestly I can’t find one word that perfectly sums up the entire collection.

There’s something about this thriving new label and its eccentric British trained designer Amaka Osakwe that I adore the most and it’s the fact that she doesn’t look to the left or right to see what this designer or another is doing, doesn’t follow trends, she is just focused 100% on her work.

  Loads of handcrafting evidenced through the appliqués

Maki Oh collection evokes loads of emotion so much that when the show ended it moved Pop’Africana editor in chief Oroma Elewa into tears. Tears of joy or perhaps tears of hope and a vision that Africa has finally nurtured that top star designer whose work can stand alongside any of the world’s top designers.

The amount of local content and tribal trappings in this collection is clearly evidenced. I adore the use of traditional mat fiber appliquéd onto most of the dresses and also the custom adire prints on luxe silk. There was also vintage Aso-oke in the collection executed beautifully.

One of my fav pieces of the collection, love the color on the appliqués and their pattern.

The shapes were mostly lose and relaxed a bit billowy on some pieces but overall the vibe of the collection was reminiscent of the Flintstones during my cartoon watching days.
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Overall it was an outstanding collection; great effort was put into it which is already starting to bear fruits.

Handcrafting peek-a-boo Handcrafting


Vintage Aso-oke

Notice the threading on the sheer fabric

Rise up Africa and support your own talent


  1. this is just amazing! every piece belongs in my closet, love love love



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