Thursday, February 10, 2011

Jewel By Lisa Luxe Clutch Bags

Luxury Nigerian label Jewel By Lisa which prides itself in excellent craftsmanship and products that their individual meticulous production take days to complete, have added a line of luxe clutch bags to their accessories line they started 2 years ago. 
  The clutch bags are sophisticated and ooze a private kind of chicness of the Jewel By Lisa woman. Each bag is constructed with the best materials and the some of the best artisans in Nigeria employing batik prints, crystals, glass bead and sequins which all morph into beauties that are not only a visual delight but a symbol, sort of a membership to a special club.

Large clutch: ₦49, 500.
Small clutch: ₦39, 500.


  1. Love the bags...the colours are boom, as always JBL has showered us with more Jewellery

  2. very nice bags but i think they are overpriced!!!

  3. yeah right! I am not now nor will i ever fork out 49 grand for a bag! Are you freaking kidding me?


    I love the bags.I will be showcasing some of my designs on my blog soon!

  5. I love the bags, but they are overpriced. can't invest my money in that. sorry.


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