Saturday, January 8, 2011

Play Your Cards Right African inspired TShirt Collection by Yoanna Okwesa's Purple Pepper Clothing Label

  London based Purple Pepper clothing, is a new international clothing apparel brand founded by Fashion Stylist Yoanna ‘Pepper’ Okwesa. The label makes its debut with the t-shirt range ‘Play Your Cards Right’, which features Nigerian kings and queens on poker cards replacing the normal Edwardian kings and queens.
The Nigerian Kings and Queens are drawn from the Yoruba, Ibo, Hausa and Benin tribes of the country (Yoruba’s Oba and Olori, Hausa’s Sultan/Emir and Hajiah, Igbo’s Igwe and Loolo and Benin’s Oba and Isen) and their shown in their rich royal regalia, portraying the rich cultural heritage the country possesses, whilst representing the unity between all these tribes in forming the single entity known as Nigeria. Inspired by the nation’s royal leaders in particular their different traditional attires the limited edition ‘Play Your Cards Right’ collection comes in white and black designs for men and women.

Driven on the combination of art, fashion, film and photography, Purple Pepper clothing is a progressive brand primarily based on revitalizing and rejuvenating the Pan-African experience. With iconic symbolism, cultural nostalgia, ethnic motifs and funky, clean graphics, Purple Pepper clothing aims to act as a catalyst in expressing its founder’s western upbringing and passion for her culture to create an interesting international dialogue, designing, stylish yet conscious clothing.

UK: +44 (0) 7932-750-921
NIG: +234 (0) 813699 5448
FACEBOOK | TWITTER: @purplepepperlov


  1. Nice T-Shirts! I Love your blog and I have tagged you for the Stylish and Versatile award.
    Please visit my blog to know what you are expected to do!

  2. i actually just noticed the card had Naija queens & kings!This is brilliant..Loves it


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