Monday, November 22, 2010

One Nigerian Boy Speaks to Alex Folzi

The Fagbure twins Fola and Fela (pictured above) are the creative’s and owners of startup label, Alex Folzi.  They were born August 13, 1991 in Benin city, Edo state, Nigeria and grew up in Benin/Lagos/Abuja before finally moving to Canada for studies. Growing up they practically travelled all over the world and have been to more than 20 states in Nigeria alone. This knack for adventure and exploration served as inspiration for their label.  They are undergrads at Grant Macewan University  studying commerce with majors in International business.

What’s the inspiration behind starting up Alex Folzi?
Funny story; we remember getting into an argument on how much we spend on clothes in a month (because it was really much). We argued and fought so badly my sisters couldn’t separate us. So we finally came up with a conclusion “Hey why don’t we just start our own line” The inspiration for the brand came from our “Entrepreneurship Sprit” like our mum would say. We always had a huge passion for fashion. So we decided to mix that with the little knowledge of business to start our own line. It motivation started last year back in December after a trip from New York. We decided to start this company because we had so many designs already drawn on paper.

  What’s the story behind the name of the label?

We are Alex Folzi. Well Alex is the short form of Fola’s English name “Alexander” and Folzi comes from Fola as well. That was the nickname given to him back in high school. People often ask why we decided to use one person’s name for the brand. But to us it doesn’t really matter. We decided to use Alex Folzi because Fola had the first idea to start the line.
 How old is the label?

The label is just 11 months old. It was founded January 2010 and incorporated April 2010.  

What’s the label's ethos?

  The world leader in vintage, classy and elegant style. Alex Folzi has been associated with the art of fashion since January 2010. Our styles allow for the uniqueness of individuals who seek to express themselves through fashion.
  What other creative endeavors are you guys involved in?
Modeling, Fashion designing, Interior designing, Fashion styling, Directing (short movies, photo-shoots), photography, Entrepreneurship and PARTYING (Yup, we party hard lol)

  Who is the Alex Folzi man?
The Alex Folzi man is gentle and that allows him to express himself through fashion. Also inspired by vintage looks, and the iconic design styles of the Military.
  Pop Art background -on which text is written- by Marco Santaniello
Do you guys intend to add other products to your product list?
Yes we do. We have actually started working on the next collection for our apparels and accessories. It’s been delayed for a while due to schoolwork. But hopefully before next month we should be done with the designs.
  Where are your goods produced?
This collection was manufactured in China. Our next collection would be manufactured in Canada/The States.
Alex Folzi Vintage Trunks

Look book Photography by Nick Hirschmann.

Color Dream, Short Film by Alex Folzi


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  2. Nice Interview..... So proud of fele and fola. You guys should keep it up

  3. Congrats to the brothers!
    Wishing you the very best in life..

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  5. Congrats to the Brothers!
    Wishing them the very best in life!
    Great interview!
    They are so gifted!1

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