Monday, November 15, 2010

Kem Kem Studio SS2011 'UNCOVER' Collection at NOIR IN SOMERSET HOUSE

“UNCOVER is about me, my story, my journey and the different stages of my life up until now. In life sometimes you have to stand naked, showing the world where you stand. This is me now TIME/SPACE, this life we are in is a continuous journey u know so let’s love one another (allowing each other to shine).

When we are born we come into this life naked as we grow up we pick up different social traditions around us. Soon enough we come to realize if we have learned something that we need to go back to our nakedness cause that’s where we find our truth. “UNCOVER YOURSELF, SHOW YOUR LIGHT INSIDE”.

Most of the fabrications I chose were lace, jersey viscose and silk symbolizing seeing through (reflecting true self) as well as glowing. Being able to see your light inside which for me represents our PASSION, the beauties we all share. Peeling the layers and sharing more and more of ourselves to the world, “I UNCOVER MYSELF”.

In the Yoruba culture which is my homeland women wear wraps which we call buba and iro. This garments are the common clothing you see every day, what I have done is interpreted it to suit my background and lifestyle. I have modernized it in different ways that are versatile to my daily functions and I hope yours as well. U see looks in this collection that u can carry from day to tonight. The looks are now more universal but also revealing my story and heritage.” Kemmy Solomon

I love the fabrics and the way they drape, it’s very feminine and classy. It’s far away from the whole fierce strong cuts and silhouettes and you can see the designer having fun with gypsy-esque multipurpose designs.

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