Friday, October 22, 2010

Q&A: Martwayne

Your intended customer:

-How old she is?

It not so much about the age, but more about her achievements.

-To what goals does he or she aspire?

My target market is the young and confident executive climbing up the career ladder. Could be a fresh graduate in her first job or a manager. Director at the pinnacle of her career. But one thing is certain, my target market is the professional market, probably because I am coming from an accounting background and I know how difficult it is to get good quality affordable clothing.

BUT if I do have to have an age range, I'd say between 22 and probably 45. But these ages are not cast in concrete.

-How much does she earn?

Enough to buy my clothes. I am about affordable clothing so my target market is pretty much anyone working in a professional environment. I also work with people's budgets so where a budget is really slim, I offer a service through my company's consulting arm, "Fashion Advisory and Support Services" (FASS), by taking them shopping so their funds can take them further.

-Where does she shop?

In any retail store / boutique really. In Nigeria, say Mango, Temple Muse, Twice as Nice, Collectibles, Above & Beyond, etc. In South Africa, stores like Truworths, Woolworths, Edgars & Foschini. In the UK, probably H&M, Topshop, Next, Zara and similar stores in other parts of the world.

-What does she already wear?

Clothing from pretty much the stores listed above with respect to formal / casual wear. With respect to traditional wear and African prints, clothing from upcoming local designers.

-What is she not being offered?

Good quality "affordable" clothing in large quantities and standard sizes. Truth is we lack proper retail stores in Nigeria where the typical customer can go for a unique shopping experience. Where you find good quality clothes with impeccable finishing, prices are through the roof so more often or not, you find a lady asking her friend who plans to go on vacation outside the country to shop for a shirt or 2 for her at bargain prices.

-How do you intend to meet these wants?

I've always believed you don't have to spend an arm and a leg to look good. I am also firmly of the opinion that the average working class individual has the right to look good at a fraction of the cost. That is what I'm hoping to achieve through my clothing line, Martwayne. I'm thinking strictly retail and affordable clothing produced in large quantities for the middle income class in standard sizes made available to my customers through proper distribution channels. By producing in large quantities, I am hoping to take advantage of economies of scale which will translate into lower prices for the individual.

I have a large vision for my company, Martwayne Dynamiques. Going into fashion has never been about me but about the client. For us, it is all about "Empowering Individuals Through Fashion" and what better way to do this than providing a product (i.e. good quality affordable clothing at a fraction of the cost) through our clothing line, Martwayne and a service (i.e. personal styling / shopping and image consultancy services) through FASS. That way, we are able to work with people with high and low budgets to help them achieve the look they deserve.

Temitope Williams the designer behind new label MARTWAYNE got her first degree in Economics from Obafemi Awolowo University, Ile-Ife and later added a diploma in Management and Image consulting in Australia and the UK respectively. She got her BA in fashion design from Future Excellence Design Institute of South Africa (FEDISA) earlier this year and has since then returned to Nigeria to set up her consulting and design studio. She also showed at the Lagos Fashion Week that was part of the Black Heritage Showcase.

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