Sunday, September 5, 2010

I Showed up on different places online this past week

That Dapper Blogger: Terence Sambo is certainly a die hard fashionista; as well as being a Junior Fashion Editor for FAB magazine he is constantly tweeting updates on the fashion industry and updating his two blogs. Men's Fashion and Lifestyle Afficionando was launched in 2008 and looks at the true elements of style and One Nigerian Boy was launched earlier this year and covers arts, music, style and fashion from a Nigerian perspective. I caught up with him to talk about his blog, One Nigerian Boy and his inspirations behind it. (Interview on Musings of an Ondo Lady blog)

Deola Sagoe Polo Launch (Bella Naija).

Le Petit Marche August Market (Third World Profashional).

Personality of the week: This weeks Personality figure is none other than the Ultra super fabulous Fashion editor Terence Sambo, His mark on the Nigerian fashion industry is undeniable. With his two blogs [ and] he spreads the gospel of fashion. He is truly One Nigerian boy/fashion master that is Golden. (Vogueprincess Naija).


  1. yay!!good for you!The girl in the second picture really looks familiar! i think from high school


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