Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Clemas Tailoring (Frank Talk)

Your intended customer:

-How old he/she is?

15 yrs to 45

-To what goals does he or she aspire?

He/she is a suave business executive, an entertainment expert, a society person. He cares a lot about his looks. He wants to be seen as stylish. Above all, he loves looking sharp and smart.

-How much does she earn?

He or she is successful enough to buy a Clemas piece and should feel good after the purchase.

-Where does he/she shop?

He/she shops where ever he would find quality and class.

-What does he/she already wear?

He/ she is not particular about labels and brands. Fit style and comfort matters most.

-What is he/she not being offered?

He/she at the moment most times has issues with getting clothes that fit. He/she is original and most times wants to translate this originality into what she wears but no one to do that for her.

-How do you intend to meet these wants?

We are ready to help out here. Get her ideas, show her fabrics that relate to these ideas and sew swatches together to make her desired piece.

Clemas Tailoring is a mostly a men’s tailoring outfit with a few items made in smaller sizes for women. The outfit is 10 years old and run by head tailor Clement Effanga. The image above is that of Seun the face Clemas.


  1. it's not the best picture really..the model looks bored and the midsection looks very odd. Otherwise the suit looks alright actually, but these details do matetr

  2. Nice concept,Nice out fit made on proper fabric, but your model looks sad and hungry. A better expression will communicate best to the expected consumers/ customers


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