Saturday, July 3, 2010

Ituen Basi @ Africa Fashion Week 2010

Nigerian award winning designer Ituen Basi presented a collection featuring a cool mix of pattern on pattern but the highlight or most interesting part of the collection were the accessories.

Photo Credit: SDR Photo

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  1. Those prints are all so insanely cool.

  2. i think this collection is a lazy job common.Christie brown had a better interpretation of what her new collection was supposed to look like. Tiffany Amber totally copied jewel by Lisa and ituen , with the button thing. i don't mind u drawing inspiration but dubbing haba. Deola sagoe is definitely the only designer among the bunch that got her A game the rest back to the drawing board.

  3. I love the first outfit...

    @ Anonymous..If you follow Ituen Basi's work, you'll realize She is about functionality,simplicity and class.Not everyone makes mind blowing pieces that no one can really wear at the end of the day...

  4. I can't get enough of Ituen Basi......

    I agree with Chic Therapy on that, a lot of designers put crazy things out there to show there creativity but at the end of it all, people want things they can wear.

  5. I think ituen should stick to the shoes and accessories to be honest... that is the selling point because no-one is doing that. Fantastic idea and beautiful work.

    The clothes... eh, i'll pass. My tailor can sew something equally simple and a lot more flattering.


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