Friday, April 2, 2010

Iconic Nigerian Fashion House Tiffany Amber featured on CNN International

After 12 years in the fashion business, Tiffany Amber keeps reaching new exciting heights. Nigeria’s beloved fashion house, Tiffany Amber was recently featured on CNN International’s new show “Marketplace Africa”. CNN visited both the Tiffany Amber flagship store and Tiffany Amber workshop in Lagos, Nigeria and discussed the “Tiffany Amber journey” as well as the growing relevance and influence of African fashion globally.


  1. Great blog Terence Sambo, we need it for Nigeria. We are so estatic that at the whole fashion forward movement in Africa as a whole. Nigeria is really going to have a great impact on fashion in Africa, and this CNN segment is a testament of this.

    NOW we just need to work on the hair segment of Africa.

  2. please i need to know where you guy are located


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