Friday, April 16, 2010

Backstage @ Lagos Fashion Week

The just concluded Lagos fashion week which was part of the Black Heritage Week that took place from the 6th -8th in Lagos, started with a few organizational flaws. The first day of events displayed organization that could be aptly termed “Bunkum” but the subsequent 2 days turned out better, as shows started as planned.
Backstage was buzzing with a bevy of beauties and make-up people scattered like a jigsaw puzzle and quite frankly it was somewhat of a tedium penetrating the cluster. The models were upbeat as food was aplenty and the whole vibe backstage was cool.

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  1. Love your blog! Got your link via FAH-SCHYON and I know I will be a frequent visitor.

  2. When last did i see someone with threaded hair? Loves it :-)

  3. i miss threading- i think imma start it again


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