Thursday, February 25, 2010

Wana Sambo Clothing [Capsule Collection]

Nigeria’s young and upcoming talent is seemingly endless and more people are starting to get on the bandwagon and chase fashion as a career path. Wana Sambo-my younger sis :o)- started designing clothes from her second year at university without any formal training in fashion.

Her decision to set up Wana Sambo Clothing line came as a result of the wide acceptance of her designs at uni. She initially started making for herself, then friends wanted, other girls also wanted and suggested they’d be ready to pay for a dress; fast-forward 2-3 years later the label is growing with the designer maturing. The images featured are from a capsule collection made last year for a charity benefit, she’s presently working on her ss2010 collection.

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  1. This is some Good Stuff!

  2. way to go Wana!!!!! keep it up darl!!

  3. So amazing!
    Congrats to your sis ~ she is sooooo talented!


  4. I love the playfulness of the designs - and the corresponding pictures. Fabulous post, Terence; your sister is so incredibly talented!! :)

  5. please give us more of african prints design. thanks and i love the good work you are doing. more grease to your elbows! -----'Suyi (Lagos)


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