Thursday, March 10, 2011

One Nigerian Boy in Accra Part 1

Most of y’all who follow me on twitter must have known I was away in Accra, Ghana over the weekend, hence the lack of regular posting on the blog for which I apologize. I had the company of my sister and the coolest artsy peeps in Ghana Mina Evans (@mina_evans), Allen Coleman (@FR3SHDAILY), Pade D Bowler (@iamPD_Bowler) and David Chi who all made sure our stay in their city was a blast.
Read Allen’s blog HERE
Our first day ended with loads of fun at British style pub in the heart of the city calle honeysuckle. Loads of interesting banter, chicken wings and just getting to know each other better made the day an interesting one for guests in a new city.
The next day was a Friday and y’all know you got to check out the club scene when you are in a new city. Our first stop was South African bar/club called Rhapsody’s at Accra Mall, after that we went on to Nigerian owned club Excel and called it a night.

 All the fun and random photos after the jump

 Tom Foolery

 Early drinks at Honeysuckle enroute to Rhapsody's


 Shoe Game

 Chatting to Pade David Bowler, Ya'll wld hear bouts him soon
 Ha! that's my pretty sis hehe
 Part 2 wld be up later :o)

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