Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Okunoren Twins Set Sartorial Standards at The Arise Magazine Fashion Week with Their Fall/Winter 2011 Collection

London trained Taiwo and Kehinde Okunoren have long been sauntering on Nigerian fashion fringes. They were well known by fashion insiders but not so much by the Nigerian populace but they finally stepped into the light at the just concluded Arise magazine fashion week with panache.

Finally they delivered the most elaborate menswear collection by any Nigerian label operating here and not just bland renditions of suits or crested blazers –no pun intended- we’ve become used to.

I keep repeating that the strongest collections all had strong local content and the Okunoren Twins fall/winter 2011 collection did not fall short of that. They embrace the in vogue fabric, Aso-oke and employed it tastefully for ties, bags, trousers and blazers.

Although I felt their presentation was a bit corny it was nonetheless a SHOW with loads of entertainment value. 

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Styled by Arieta Mujay.


  1. Fantastic, i thot they rocked and brought "sexy" back to menswear.

  2. Hey T,

    Have you got contact details for these guys??

  3. WOW!!

    proud of them :)

  4. one of my fave collections from AMFW

  5. Dang. Arieta killed the styling.

  6. Hello Terence. Nice work at the AMFW. You will go far and i wish you the best.Hope you get to be on par with Tommy Ton and others!

  7. The twins delivered. lol! at 'not just bland renditions of suits or crested blazers –no pun intended- we’ve become used to'

  8. I don't think its corny at all, the collection for me has great tailoring and the details are not overwelhming though they stand out. I love their use of different fabric in ways we have not seen before. I have never seen an aso oke neck tie and I love that ecstatics of the suits. Am in love with that aso oke bag with the ankara interior. Collections like this is what makes me go shopping in the mens department. Great job.

  9. I admire the ambition and daring, but for me it falls short in several respects. Imagination - the use of aso oke is too obvious; and the curtain ties seem like an afterthought.Finish - is it deliberate that both the orange corduroy trousers (on two different models) use different shades of orange cloth for the front and back of the trousers? And on the model with the red aso oke tie, are the shirt collars centered properly or tilting to the right? Fit - the red chinese suit jacket does not fit around the shoulder/armpits. Sorry but details do matter. Keep it up though.


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