Monday, February 28, 2011

One Nigerian Boy Speaks to Young Nigerian Artist Anthony Ezeokoye

Young Nigerian artist Anthony Obuchukwuneme Ezeokoye is a personification of a language that has no vocals, several interpretations, a universal acknowledgement a controversial perspective and a voice. A personification of art, that’s who he is. 

The 21 year old artist is a final year student of architecture at the University of Nigeria, Nsukka. He does traditional arts (sketches, cartoons, paintings, graffiti, etc.), digital arts (painting, editing, animations etc.) and architecture (CAD drafting, modeling, animations etc.). Using software like Adobe Photoshop, Autodesk Revit Architecture, Autodesk AutoCAD & Maxon Cinema 4D.

One Nigerian Boy caught up with him and an interesting chat ensued.
When did you realize your ability to create art?
Well, ever since I knew myself, I’ve been doing artistic stuffs. More like a flair. Everyone at home had this creative instinct which we translated into drawings and illustrations, although we (my brothers and I ) all got really explosive when a cousin of mine came to spend his secondary  school years living with us, I was in primary one by then.
 He could draw much better than we did so with him around, our skills developed with rocket speed even though he didn’t consciously teach us. At times, he returned from school with comic books he was borrowed (he would never attempt to buy because it would have been seized by my disciplinarian dad). We read the comics together, sketched from it and sketched on our own as well.

I also love the television (my black and white TV), I grew up watching movies like; lil’ rascals, renter ghosts, doctor who, sounds of music etc. and cartoons like Atom Ant, all Walt Disney cartoons you can think of, Bird Man, Super Man, Bat Man, G-force, Transformers (cartoon), Voltron (defenders of the universe) etc. 
What inspires you?
I’d say my childhood inspiration was my cousin Ikemefuna Everestus Ezeokoye (may his soul rest in peace). When I was in primary six, he was in senior secondary 3 (ss3), Command day secondary school, Ikeja. I was convinced that I was good enough, so I challenged him into a contest saying I could draw better than him (mind you, I was really good… at least for my age) but he trashed me… lol!
 My other inspirations were; real life interactions and gestures, nature, and illustrations in bibles (e.g. the abstract drawing style used in Goodnews bible), T.V cartoons and movie-making companies like Walt Disney pictures, Marvel Comics, DC comics, Warner Bros., manga Animations etc. 

I didn’t know the artists behind the cartooning by their names, so I’d just say; “wow, I just made a sketch in marvel style with a manga hairstyle!” At about 13 years, I could draw in almost all cartooning styles I had come across, because I had a free mind for art and a passion that dares to do what others see as impossible.

So one day I said to myself in my utter self-confidence;” if I went to Walt Disney Studios for employment as a cartoonist, I’d comfortably fit in or even replace one of their cartoonists”, I might have been right. 

As time passed, I developed my own style of art which just came naturally from the features I liked in other artists’ styles, what other artists liked in my works and what is generally accepted by non-artists in artistic expressions. Although, I’m quite unpredictable because of my numerous art styles, so I express a particular subject in the style it best fits (in my opinion). My art could be spurred by music, emotions, nature, interactions or meditations. That is why they bear my signature and are unique.

Tel: +2347033083017, +2348137751537


  1. This dude is talented! I like the first two illustrations


  2. I know this guy personally...and "out of this world" does not begin 2 describe i jst call him #Arthropoda

  3. ........anthology!!! u are the bomb!!! tyt works...keep it up!!

  4. can we get some quality Nigerian Anime, I am an amine junkie and I think we have talented people back home to bring this to life :) fantastic work dude, thank you One Nigerian Boy for scouting for talent


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