Saturday, January 29, 2011

African Fashion Label ARIABA Showcases its Jewelry, Footwear and Home Accessories.

Half Armenian and Nigerian sisters Linda and Caroline run the relatively new fashion label known as ARIABA. Linda is the creative director and does all the handmade jewelry herself whilst Caroline handles the pr, publicity and finance aspect of the business.

The label infuses both Middle Eastern and African vibes in their designs. There’s always a trace of both cultures merging effortlessly and the resultant beauty is so alluring. The bed nest necklace is one of my favorite ARIABA piece ever designed and the way the stones are held with the intricate nest weave gives it an air of exclusivity akin to rare gems.

The label also dabbles into home accessories and footwear which was the brands first product before it went firmly into the accessories game. Most of the precious beads and ornaments are sourced from the orients and northern Nigeria but they are produced in Lagos.

Bird nest necklace above and below. Apologies for poor image quality above.


  1. Hiya, just wanted to say keep up the FAB work with your blog and all. It's fantastic that you promote new designers and support people in the fashion industry in Nigeria. I hope you have a very successful year ahead with FAB and all your other initiatives as well. xx

  2. Thanx a lot, for the kinds words. Keep reading One Nigerian Boy


  4. Third to the last picture; is that a bag?

  5. It's a true beauty. Jewelry is one of womans strongest weapon as it means beauty and power. Meanwhile, your designs are amazing so keep up the good work and continue showing the world your talent. Not everyone can do what you can so bring it on girl.

  6. you had me at red beaded bracelets and then to top it off, it has a charm dangling? HEAVEN!!

    I want!


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