Thursday, December 23, 2010

Men's Trendspotting at The MAD Charity Fashion and Music Event in Lagos

  A few hours ago GET arena in lekki was agog with loads of stylish Nigerian boys and girls who came out looking their best for the MAD charity fashion and music show. The event featured over 7 designers and loads of musicians including Wizkid. However the fashion editor and stylist in me led me into observing closely what people wore and how they wore them.

The ultimate cool items for the men this particular night included bracelets, slippers in various forms most prominent of which were Tom Shoes. Ironically Tom shoes were created for charitable purposes and they end up being to predominant footwear at another charity event down here in Lagos.

Does this mean the death of Plimsolls and hi-tops? Only time will tell. But the cool kids are definitely all rocking some form of slippers whether it is Espadrilles of Toms.

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