Sunday, October 10, 2010

Washington Roberts A/W10 Lookbook (Q&A)

Your intended customer:

She's a woman whose jobs require clothes that can transcend from day to night and always wants to look elegant and sophisticated. She knows what she want, she's very confident, she always want to stand out in the crowd. She's a trend setter and not a follower. She lives her life with an impeccable taste and style.

-How old is she ?

Her age ranges from 25yrs to 45yrs old she could be a student, a wife, or a mom.

-To what goals does she aspire?

She's a woman whose goal is to be a top executive or business owner one day. She's also an entrepreneur, an executive or holds a top position in her company.

-How much does she earn?

Money is not an issue for her.

-Where does she shop?

She mainly shop's in boutiques, Barneys, and Saks Fifth Avenue.

-What does she already wear?

She wears clothes that are modern, sophisticated, and elegant.

-What is she not being offered?

She's looking for clothes that can transcend from day to night and timeless. Also are comfortable and not lacking style and creativity.

-How do you intend to meet these wants?

By keeping in mind who the Washington Roberts woman is and give her various options that fit her lifestyle.

Designer Washington Roberts A/W 2010 collection is Reminiscent of the beaches along the coast of Nigeria, the layering and drapery of Collection is an embodiment of the beach rocks along the coastline. The textures and hues of the beach rocks along the coast came to life in the mixing and manipulation of fabrics such as silk and wool, and silk jersey and crepe back satin silk. Washington Roberts envisioned a strong and beautiful woman during the conception of this collection, bringing to life the sensuous and colorful creations of Mother Nature herself.

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  1. beautiful. Anything classy with long sleeves does it for me.The first and second are tres magnifique and understated. love the Deep V back in the last picture

  2. oh my.. i LOvE that first dress.. so chic.. and the colour is fabulous.!

  3. Love Love Love...the 1st and the last dresses. Fab collection!


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